drifting in silence

Drifting in Silence is the name of a longstanding ambient and industrial musical project undertaken by multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge. Stembridge chose the name as "a description of the feeling evoked by the music," intended to create the sensation of movement through regions of light and shadow. Stembridge has described the music of Drifting in Silence as "post-ambient."



Reconscious is a sonic force mixing into the world of industrial, d&b and ambient. The brain child of Mike Petruna aka DJ Acidgrin and long time collaborator Derrick Stembridge of Drifting in Silence. This project brings together their adoration for the music and sounds that inspired them throughout their lives.



Drev is currently the independent production by Jess Hewitt of fusing electronic, sound-design, rock, and industrial together. All compositions and sound-design are produced in-house and independently.

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